Automation Setup

Streets' “Automation” feature allows you to easily change the video background of the “Streets” page layout, change the 3 text elements that lay on top of the video background, and automatically display the first blog post from 6 individual blog pages on the “Streets” page layout.

Video Background URL
To change the video background on the "Streets" page layout, add the URL of a video to the input box below. You can use the URL of a video hosted on another server, or upload a video to your Weebly site by going to “Theme>Edit HTML/CSS>ASSETS>Videos”, click the gear icon, and then select “Upload File(s)...” to upload a video from your hard drive (e.g., /files/theme/videos/paint.mp4). The video format must end with “.mp4” and make sure to set the Theme Option "Video" to "Custom" to use your own video.​
Video Background Text Input
To change the text that appears on top of the video background, add your text to the input boxes below.
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.   ​- Marcus Aurelius​
Blog Automation
To get the first blog post from each of your 6 blog pages to automatically appear on the “Streets” page layout, simply add the URL of each blog page to the input boxes below (e.g., /blog.html).

Note: You can hide this box under "Theme>Theme Options>Automation [Editor Only]".